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The “Knee by Knee” Examination, The Best Way to Start Your Child’s Dental Health

Dr. Calcina’s article in the May issue of Imagine Kids Magazine Our office is designed to be your Child’s “First Dental Home”. We recommend the prevention of tooth decay by scheduling an appointment as early as six months of your child’s age. Help us make your child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist enjoyable by omitting words like “needle”, “shot”, “Pull”, “Drill”, or “Hurt”. We will make use of other terms and words with the same message. yet playful! If your child is under three years of age, we will have a “Knee by Knee” examination, which is a convenient and safe way to accomplish the physical examination. The parent is instructed to sit sideways in the dental chair facing the dentist, who sits in the operator chair knee-by-knee with the parent. The child is positioned on the parent’s lap facing the parent, with one leg wrapped around each side of the parent.   Click here to read the whole article in Imagine Kids Magazine…..