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Introducing Dr. Marielsa Adrianza- Weidanz

You asked for a dentist for the grown-ups of the house and we delivered it!

Clay Dental welcomes Dr. Adrianza to our practice; she will be available every Friday at out office.

Dr. Marielsa Adrianza was born in Caracas, Venezuela.  At an early age she was inspired to become either a dentist or a medical doctor, after spending summer vacations with family members who were dentists and watching them practice dentistry, she decided to pursue a degree in dentistry.

She studied Dentistry in Caracas, Venezuela at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, and graduated with Doctor in Dental Surgeon degree.  Later on Dr Adrianza pursued a post-doctoral residency program in Oral Pathology, and graduated with a Certificate of Oral Pathology at the University of Alabama; furthermore, she also completed a one year of Mastership in General Dentistry at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

In 1995, Dr. Adrianza became board certified to practice dentistry in the state of Florida; she practiced for 5 years in the city of Miami. Later on, In 2000 Dr Adrianza , moved with her family to Texas, where  she obtained her dental license.  In Amarillo, Texas, Dr Adrianza  taught Oral Pathology at the Dental Hygiene Program at The Amarillo College, where she also was a Clinical instructor to the  dental hygiene students.

Dr. Adrianza has practiced in different settings of dentistry, such as faculty practice, community dentistry and private practice. In addition to the teaching positions held at the Amarillo College, Dr Adrianza owned her dental practice for four years in Amarillo Texas.

Dr Adrianza is continuously learning about dentistry, new dental technologies, and taking continuing education seminars in order to provide outstanding dental care to her patients. Dr Adrianza believes that by listening to the patients concerns, informing them and giving the diagnoses of their dental conditions patients can understand the importance of the dental treatments that will reestablish their oral health.

In her free time Dr Adrianza spends time with her daughters, enjoys music, reading, outdoor aerobics and is passionate about stained glass art, and creates stained glass pieces.


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