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The sippy cup and your child's teeth!

  Important information about the sippy cups , article provided by the American Dental Association  Training Cups and Your Toddler’s Teeth It’s a milestone worthy of celebration: your baby is graduating from bottles! According to the  American Academy of Pediatrics , your toddler should be ready to move on from the breast or bottle between 12 and 24 months. While your child may not be ready for a regular cup right away, there are a number of training cups you can use to help them move from baby to big kid. Here are three things to consider. What Type of Training Cup to Use While it’s tempting to purchase a “no spill” cup, these are essentially baby bottles with a different design.  The aim is to shift from sucking to sipping.  No-spill cups have a valve that stops spills and the only way your child can drink from a no-spill cup is to suck, not sip. To help your child learn how to sip, look for training cups with the following:  A cup with a snap-on or screw-on lid that has a